How to Improve your Websites Performance

What makes a Webpage load faster?


The size of the webpage and the content you have on your page can cause people to abandon it when it takes too long to load. According to Akamai, a delay beyond two seconds can cause viewers to abandon a page and for every second after that it increases by 5.8%.. 


Page Size


It’s important to ensure that your page is appropriately sized to optimise loading time and avoid losing potential audience. Optimising images to reduce file size and resolution to fit on the page can decrease your page size. They can be scaled to the site width without compromising on image quality using Photoshop. It is always a good idea to use an image compressor after you have made the image as small as you can in Photoshop, TinyPNG is a great solution. P.S it’s always easier to compress a JPEG as PNG’s tend to be a bit larger, TinyPNG compresses both.




To increase delivery of your site, caching can help by storing static pages. There are plugins that help facilitate Caching, some are paid and some are free but the best results are always seen with paid plugins. Autoptimize works wonders reducing Page requests, caching pages and compressing Images.


Content Delivery Network (CDN)


CDN can improve the speed of your website by storing content closer to your target audience, allowing faster delivery times, reducing bounce rates and increasing page speed. CloudFlare is a great solution to Content Delivery.


How long it takes for the web page to be called from the server


Depending on where your hosting provider is located or whether your site is hosted on a shared server or a dedicated server, play a large role in how fast the page is retrieved, “page retrieval”. The closer the server is to your target audience the quicker the page retrieval. This is also why CDN’s are handy.


When you have built your page with as little plugins as possible, strategically placed content and optimised it, compressed and sized your images appropriately and checked your “site health” in WordPress settings you can run your page through Google’s PageSpeed Insights for a detailed review of how your site ranks. This will scan and list detailed description of which parts of your page need refining and which parts are working.


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